Fantasy Football Hub: An Absolute Screamer

This is one of our favourite campaigns, which saw us blending technical SEO knowhow and SEO fundamentals to help catapult Fantasy Football Hub to the top of the league in half a season.

In the spirit of fair play, we thought we’d dust off our tactical notepad, get the whiteboard out, and share our gameplan.

The Results

Back of The Net ⚽

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1,061,861 Organic Sessions (+98% YoY)

Almost doubled their Organic Sessions during peak season between July & August, from 2021 to 2022. Absolutely smashed it. 


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605 #1-3 UK Keyword Rankings (+303% YoY) 

The client wanted to rank for extremely competitive terms, some of which with 5 figures of national monthly search volume. 


When setting out to tackle Fantasy Football Hub’s challenges, our strategy was clear 🔎

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Content Optimisation

Our focus lay on enhancing evergreen informational content to bolster visibility in ‘Top Stories’ SERP features, backed by fundamental SEO practices and technical knowhow.

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Technical SEO Support

We provided assistance, guidance, and prioritisation for technical SEO tasks, including rolling out a new JavaScript front end, improving indexation, addressing sitemap and server issues.

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Backlink Outreach

Our tailored and consistent backlink outreach approach ensured 4-6 backlinks were acquired monthly for the client’s most important pages from relevant, authoritative domains.

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Tackling Stubborn Competition

Fantasy Football Hub’s primary organic search competitor, Fantasy Football Scout, is a dominant, well-established player in the domain. Moreover, the majority of the FFH team were working on this project in their spare time, lacking the resources and established presence of their competitors.

We developed a strategy to combat this challenge by being agile and tailoring our approach to their setup. Prioritisation of goals and tasks was integral to overcoming their much better-resourced opponents. Despite limited resources, we defended well and hit the competition on the counterattack.

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Navigating Seasonal Changes

The irregularities of the football season presented us with another challenge, not to mention COVID-19-related disruptions.

This made analysing data and evaluating performance less straightforward than in our other campaigns. We rose to this challenge by investing more time in detailed analysis, which we then reviewed with the client. Their insights and understanding of the market proved invaluable in bridging the gaps, helping us navigate the unpredictable currents of seasonality.

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Our Hawks Are The Best in Class..

Meet the team behind the case study you’ve just read.


Lorcan Fearon:

Lorcan was the first hire of the London office and started working at StudioHawk in 2020, joining Anthony and helping the agency to grow as well as training new members of the team.

Meet Lorcan

Jake Rudge:

Jake was born and raised in Basingtoke and went on to attend the University of Winchester, achieving an undergraduate degree in Sports Business & Marketing, and a Masters in Digital Marketing.

Meet Jake