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Greetings From The Top: TouchNote’s SEO Journey

One of the nation’s favourite personalised cards brands reached out to us to help drive more traffic and conversions through Organic Search. The campaign involved fixing significant international and technical SEO issues, as well as assisting with a content strategy and link acquisition.

The Results

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 💌

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YoY increase in non-branded clicks from Google Search.

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Increase in position #1-3 keyword rankings in less than a year.

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Return on campaign investment.


When setting out to tackle TouchNote’s challenges, our strategy was clear 🔎

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International SEO

We sorted out incorrect hreflang tags and set up & internal links. Also providing Google with a path to find other regions – site wide, clickable region buttons in the footer.

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Technical SEO Support

The blog was on a subdomain, which Google treated as a separate entity. Once we moved the blog back into the main domain as a subfolder, this had a significant & quick impact upon traffic.

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Content Improvements

We created optimised & personalised pages targeting specific occasions & personas. We also ensured that all cannibalisation issues were cleared up as well as briefing new blog content.

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Navigating International SEO Misconfiguration

A large multinational company like TouchNote naturally want to reach users around the world, but they weren’t applying the ideal set up from a more technical, International SEO perspective. This was a big roadblock lying on TouchNote’s path to organic search success. 

We developed a strategy to combat this challenge by firstly clearing up any issues surrounding incorrect hreflang implementation (the code which tells crawlers where the content should be served, and in which language). We then linked together the different target regions via a region selector in the footer to ease discoverability by crawlers, and – of course – opening up pathways for users.



Bringing The Blog Back Into The Fold

The team at TouchNote were also faced with another, relatively common SEO issue – their blog was housed on a separate subdomain, which meant that their main domain wasn’t benefitting as much as it could be from all their hard (not to mention expensive) work here and vice versa.

We worked closely with their development team to tackle this issue by migrating the blog back into the main domain and set it up on its own subfolder instead. This reversion to a more traditional setup for the blog resulted in substantial keyword directory growth & increased traffic volume across their key markets.



Clearing Up Cannibalisation

We worked closely with TouchNote’s in-house content team to clear up these over-optimisation issues to ensure that every page on the site was fulfilling its potential. We mapped each page against its primary keyword and ensured that each one was running in its own lane.

We didn’t stop there, however, and as well as optimising the existing content on the site, also helped build out even more content. We briefed the team to help them create landing pages targeting specific occasions and customer personas, and all our hard work over a number of months resulted in a big uplift in non-branded keywords and impressions.

Itamar Blauer

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Itamar Blauer:

Itamar is the Senior SEO Director at StudioHawk. As an author, podcast host, and YouTuber, Itamar lives and breathes SEO with his entire professional career revolving around the SEO industry.

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Born and raised in Bath, Lily pursued a degree in History and Archaeology at the University of Southampton in 2017 whilst working in the hospitality industry. As a former mixologist, she can make a mean espresso martini, even if she does say so herself.

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