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Our website migration services allow you to seamlessly transition to success. We apply all the best technical SEO & migration practices to walk you through what can be a surprisingly tricky process. This ensures that all goes smoothly and you can rest easy. Get in touch with our specialists below to get started!

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What is Website Migration?

We refer to a wide variety of different processes as a ‘website migration’. It can simply refer to migrating a website from one host to another, it can mean moving between different platforms, it can also mean undergoing a radical overhaul of the site, including a domain migration on top of the other two, or – often – something in between.

Regardless of your particular route, our team of SEO specialists have the experience & expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Technical SEO Audit


SEO Audit

Our website audits are the first step with you, especially if you have a complex site with thousands of pages. We take a close look at your title tags, sitemaps, audit all the content on the site, and ensure all the required groundwork is in place before you embark on your migration journey.

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Get a Birds’ Eye View

When you migrate your website, errors and mishaps are more likely to occur. Once we perform a technical SEO audit of your site, we can work with you to identify any potential SEO bugs and potholes that could spoil your plans for that number 1 spot on Google Search.

Let’s Talk Strategy

Technical SEO Audit


Ongoing SEO Consultancy

Once you’ve made the switch, reap the full rewards of your shiny new site by enlisting the support of our expert SEO consultants. They can provide you with all the ongoing analysis, team training, reporting, and more to ensure you keep your edge.

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The SEO journey with StudioHawk

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Step 1: Contact Us

If you have a website migration looming, get in touch. It doesn’t matter how much you know about SEO or digital marketing, we can help you at any stage of business development.

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Step 2: Technical SEO Audit

We’ll do a quick background check to see if you’re eligible for a complimentary audit of your website. If you’re not, we’ll offer an audit at a one-off price determined by the size and complexity of your website.

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Step 3: Meeting & Brainstorming

So you get a feel for us and how we work, we’ll organise some time with you – either in person or on a video call – to discuss your business and what we can do to help boost your website.

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Step 4: Migration Strategy & Implementation

After using any analytical data available to establish the key potholes to avoid and best practices to implement, we’ll get started on the migration strategy that will ensure all runs smoothly.

We’re proud to work with people from diverse backgrounds, across any industry. We strongly believe the digital environment has opportunities for everyone and we strive to make these strategies available to all. To learn more about SEO and what it can do for your business, give us a call.

We worked with StudioHawk on a 6 month basis and Lorcan and his colleagues were a pleasure to work with – very communicative and responsive over email with regular video meetings. The monthly reports are also very detailed and informative. StudioHawk were particularly helpful with a hands-on approach to implementing their recommendations directly onto our website and fixing issues, which is great if you are a busy company looking for proactive support with SEO.

Emily Wellis

How long does a website migration take?

This is where we dust off the classic line beloved by SEOs everywhere: ‘it depends’. If the site is small and it’s a simple CMS migration, we don’t expect to see any turbulence beyond the first couple of weeks. Larger sites with more pages and more complex migrations, predictably, take much longer.

The best thing to do is to talk over your specific case and requirements with an expert. Get in touch using the simple form below to book in a conversation.

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