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Damson Madder SEO Case Study

Damson Madder, a women’s fashion retailer in the UK, were finding it hard to compete as a smaller business in a market full of huge retailers with huge budgets. To find our way in and get our foot in the door, we focussed on long-tail SEO, more specific categories, and other technical SEO elements designed to flank their more well-resourced but less nimble competitors.


The Results

Dressed for Success 💃


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Year-over-year increase in ‘dress’ related queries.

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Increase in clicks through to collection pages.

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Increase in clicks through to product pages.


When setting out to tackle Damson Madder’s challenges, our strategy was clear 🔎

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Category Creation

We helped identify new, more specific long-tail categories to sell their important dresses range. We looked at what they were already found for in Google Search Console and which had enough matching products to make creating a category worthwhile.

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Technical SEO

We fixed Shopify-specific issues, like removing non-canonical internal links to product pages, and other out-of-the-box problems. We also addressed page speed, and improved this so that the site could outperform bigger sites in this regard.

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On-Page & Content

We also improved collection page metadata, which were not very descriptive initially and left a lot of opportunity on the table. We also suggested above the fold content to further target long-tail queries that matched the styles that Damson Madder were known for.



Category Clean Up & Streamlining

One of the first challenges that we tackled revolved around getting new categories set up on Shopify and streamlining this process. In short, we needed to completely overhaul their product tagging system in order to get new collections to auto generate based on tags.

To achieve this, we created a comprehensive guide for the Damson Madder team dealing with what tags to add, how format them, and which logic and rules to apply when creating new tags for products. The result so when we are ready to add a new niche category in place the system behind it is ready to go.

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Living Within Our Means

As mentioned previously, resource internally was relatively tight. At StudioHawk, one of our key pillars is “Getting Things Done” so we helped things out by taking the initiative and implementing as much as we could ourselves.

That said, however, Damson Madder (DM) had made a really good amount of web development resources available to us, so we did manage to get a lot of technical and development hours in to really fix up those technical issues. This involved fixing up poor CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift – basically things jumping around as the page loads), HTML errors, slow page speed due to inefficient scripts, and others.

This was key when it came to outflanking competitor sites, which were SLOW for page speed, and gave us a great avenue to attack with DM’s developers.


Our Hawks Are The Best in Class..

Meet the team behind the case study you’ve just read.


Sophie Gibson:

Sophie is the Technical SEO Director at StudioHawk. Her favourite place is knee-deep in data unravelling SEO problems in an audit or putting together a cracking report. When she’s not doing that, you can find her sharing her knowledge at conferences such as BrightonSEO.

Meet Sophie

Lily Mason:

Born and raised in Bath, Lily pursued a degree in History and Archaeology at the University of Southampton in 2017 whilst working in the hospitality industry. As a former mixologist, she can make a mean espresso martini, even if she does say so herself.

Meet Lily


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