Senior SEO Specialist

Lorcan Fearon

Born and raised in Kent in the UK, and a keen historian at heart, Lorcan left to study History and English at Loughborough University in 2014. After getting his degree three years later, Lorcan stayed in the East Midlands and got his first start in SEO at a digital marketing agency in Nottingham in 2018. Working across many different fields of digital marketing, Lorcan took to SEO, Content & UX Design.

Lorcan was the first hire of the London office and started working at StudioHawk in 2020, joining Anthony and helping the agency to grow as well as training new members of the team.

On working at StudioHawk UK:

“The journey we have been on since 2020 has been a privilege to be a part of. It’s never been dull and we are only just getting started. The highlights of my time here have been earning nominations in the UK & Europe Search Awards, which meant so much to the UK Hawks. And of course, I do love to talk about our Best SEO Agency win at the Global Search Awards 2021. I have loved welcoming new members to our nest and can’t wait for what the future holds at StudioHawk.”

Outside of work, you can either find Lorcan riding his bike, mixing together his favourite records and attempting to make electronic music. 

Want to talk about your website, or why disc brakes are better than v-brakes?

Reach out at [email protected]

Knows About: SEO Copywriting | Technical SEO | SEO Training

Lorcan Fearon