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StudioHawk is a specialist SEO Agency. We’ve won the award for being the Best Large SEO Agency Globally at the Global Search Awards. Twice. It’s a great thing, but do you need an SEO agency? How do you choose an SEO agency that’s right for you? What even is SEO?

The world of SEO can be confusing. Here at StudioHawk, we want to demystify SEO and show you how easy it can be to rank your business, get traffic, and from there, grow profits.

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What does an SEO Agency do?

A good SEO agency should do the SEO work for you. They’ll tell you exactly what they’re doing, get you involved so you understand what’s going on, and communicate regularly with the wins and the not-so-wins.

That is a very high-level observation, we know. Let’s get a little dirtier and tell you what StudioHawk does as an SEO Agency.

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Why Choose A Specialist SEO Agency?

We can say with confidence that, yes, SEO does work. Need convincing? Check out our case studies. As with all things worthwhile, it takes time, but once an SEO campaign has started, it rolls on and always upwards.

Ideally, you’ll see results within 3-6 months. You will see your site going upwards on the SERPs, you will see more traffic arriving at your website, and keywords you’re trying to rank for, lifting you up the search pages.

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency for You

Have a conversation.

Chat to the people at the agency. Are they salesy? Do they sound more interested in making a sale than explaining the ins and outs of SEO? If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, then walk away. You will have a long relationship with these people. If it doesn’t feel good from the start, it probably won’t improve going forward.


Many companies want to lock you in for 12 months. For some, the certainty of the same people doing the job for 12 months for a flat fee works both for budget and for peace of mind.

However, we’ve found that lock-in contracts breed complacency. They don’t have to work for your money. They already have it.

Case Studies

Look for proof of past performance, testimonials, and what other clients have to say about these SEO people. We tend to trust the opinions of others, especially when it comes to making a significant purchase. 

Check out the testimonial section and any recent case studies. Do you like what these clients say? Does it feel genuine? Are they in your industry?

SEO Awards

Has the agency won any awards? What kind of awards are they? How recent are they?

Awards are great to win, especially from esteemed organisations. But if all you see on the front page of an SEO agency’s website is nothing but ‘we won awards!’, you’ll need to look deeper.

Look at StudioHawk. In 2021, we won Best Large SEO Agency (Global) with the Global Search Awards. In 2023, we won Best Global SEO Agency again. But look deeper than that. We back these awards up with a team of professional SEO specialists, senior SEO specialists and world-renowned Technical SEO Experts.

SEO Agency UK

Founded in 2019, StudioHawk UK is a specialised UK-based SEO agency dedicated to search engine optimisation.

There’s a reason why we were named the Best Global Large SEO Agency 2021 at the Global Search Awards, and then again in 2023, it’s in our proven track record. We use sustainable SEO techniques to make sure your site succeeds and isn’t at risk from Google penalties.

We’ve worked with predominantly UK-based businesses, but have also worked alongside businesses from all over.


How much does an SEO agency cost?

The more you invest in SEO, the greater your return. This is not an attempt from us to make you spend more money. You can get great results with us from a minimum spend of £900 +VAT a month. A larger investment will provide additional benefits, such as more time from SEO professionals to work on improving the health of your website or on backlinks, and you can get more user and SEO-friendly blog and page briefs for your campaign.

Have an honest chat with any SEO agency you want to engage with. Talk about what your budget is, and what it will be paying for, and make sure the investment is suitable for your budget. If any SEO guarantees you anything in terms of results, they’re lying.

To learn more about creating your own SEO success, you can check out Hawk Academy; StudioHawk’s dedicated SEO training platform.

How Our SEO Agency Can Help Your Business

Learning about SEO and finding the right agency to work with is worth your time and money. Organic SEO builds upon itself. By adding content, updating your pages, and finding backlinks, you get a gradual uplift in SERP and traffic to your site. And it will keep rising as you do it.

While paid SEO can get you big wins quickly, it, can cost you more money over the long run. And if you choose to stop the PPC and other paid marketing, your SERP results drop like a stone.

The coolest thing about SEO and its worth? If you start to learn about it yourself, you can apply SEO everywhere, yourself. Have a new product you want to launch? You don’t have to wait for your agency to schedule it in. You can start on it yourself. With knowledge of keywords, heading structure, and more, you can write your own SEO copy, knowing that it will be effective.

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