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Although our bread and butter is SEO, at StudioHawk we also have a deep understanding of the importance of CRO for SEO Campaigns.

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You may have heard the old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”. SEO can sometimes feel exactly the same way without a robust knowledge of CRO running alongside and underpinning everything you do.

You spend all this time and effort optimising your site for search, positioning yourselves well for all the right keywords, only to hardly convert anyone, or spend half of your waking day weeding through low-quality and time-wasting leads.

When looking for an agency to do your SEO work, look for more than just backlinks and content. Look for an SEO agency that has people who have a well-rounded understanding of the user journey, from start to finish. You will be investing time and money into SEO, but we know full well our jobs don’t stop at mere traffic, and the bottom line is converting users.


Why Would I Need CRO on my SEO Campaign?

At StudioHawk, our approach to combining CRO with SEO is out of step with the conventional boundaries of digital marketing. While SEO ensures your site ranks highly and attracts a range of potential customers, CRO is the key to unlocking the full potential of that traffic. Our methodology is about creating a seamless journey from the first click to the final conversion. We don’t just drive traffic; we mould it into a path that leads directly to your business goals.

Our team, proficient in both, understands the intricate dance between attracting users and compelling them to act. We don’t see SEO and CRO as separate entities but as complementary forces that, when harmonised, yield unparalleled results.

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What are the benefits of combining CRO and SEO?

Integrating CRO for SEO is essential to not only attract a high volume of traffic but also to ensure that this traffic converts into tangible results. By blending CRO and SEO strategies, your campaign moves beyond mere visibility, focusing on converting visitors into loyal customers, thus maximising the return on your SEO investments.

Some benefits include:

  • Higher ROI. SEO and CRO work in symbiosis, and ensures that you get more value from your traffic, turning visits into conversions, and thus delivering a better return on your investment.
  • Deeper Customer Insights. Almost naturally, combining CRO and SEO works to create a more wholistic picture of your site’s performance and brings the focus more onto the users rather than robots, spiders, or crawlers.
  • Competitive Advantage. Employing CRO and SEO together isn’t the most common approach (yet) so employing both simultaneously will give you an edge over competitors who may only focus on one or the other.

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Why is a SEO & CRO consultancy better than doing it all in-house?

You may think that doing your CRO and SEO in-house will save you money on those expensive agencies. And that may be true. You might not need to spend £10,000 or more a month on a comprehensive campaign, with content done for you. Perhaps you have an employee who can write and has a decent eye for design, and you know some companies you can reach out to for backlinks, and your web developer can help optimise your website.

In-house SEO & CRO definitely has its benefits, and can save you some money here and there, however remember, you need to be doing this stuff every month to be effective and you need to be consistent.

When you engage an specialist agency to do the work for you, whether optimising your search visibility or the number of conversions you get on the site, you are paying for that guarantee that the work will be done. We have award-winning campaigns, and an award-winning team

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“Our favourite SEO team! Jake and Sophie have been instrumental in helping us upgrade our SEO strategy, and wow have they done a great job! Not only that but they put up with a very chatty client (me) giving no end of helpful support when asked. A great agency to work with – I’d highly recommend them!”

Jessica Hawkins, Creative Strategy Director

How do I go about applying CRO to my SEO Efforts?

So, you’re in the position where you get a bunch of users but only a tiny percentage of them ever convert. It’s frustrating, because you’ve essentially achieved the hard part of actually getting people onto the site and are now falling down at the last hurdle.

We are well-versed in the key areas of conversion rate optimisation, and work with some of the best in the industry. Contact StudioHawk for a conversation about your CRO and SEO efforts below.


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