Introducing StudioHawk London


We are excited to make a formal introduction on our new StudioHawk London website & blog. We are a specialist SEO agency, helping our clients to be found online through organic search campaigns and we have started growing our new London team, with an eye to replicating the success that has led to our forebearers becoming Australia’s largest SEO agency.

StudioHawk started life on the other side of the world as an upstart search marketing agency. The company began with Harry Sanders in Melbourne. One of the first hires was Anthony Barone, a promising talent whose determination, hard work and grit laid the first stones on the path to StudioHawk’s success. 

Fast forward a few years and StudioHawk are Australia’s largest SEO agency, with a growing list of award nominations and wins in the trophy cabinet already, and plenty more to come. The opportunity to expand overseas had arrived and with it, Anthony Barone made the journey to the UK in 2019, establishing StudioHawk London.

Anthony wasted no time and started to grow a diverse portfolio of clients in the UK from his base in the East of London. It did not take long for his first major challenge, as we all know too well, 2020 arrived and it came with surprises. 

StudioHawk weathered the storm well, picking up awards along the way, and completely recovering from the initial impact of the pandemic quickly. In September 2020, StudioHawk London was able to make their first hires, Caitlin Hathaway and Lorcan Fearon. 

Here’s a little more about the team:

  Anthony Barone

Sitting at the helm is Anthony Barone, one of StudioHawk’s longest-serving employees. Over the years, Anthony has built up a consummate knowledge of SEO, specialising in Local SEO. Our straight-talking leader is no-nonsense, no gimmicks and no bull****. 

Anthony makes sure everything is running smoothly and he executes day to day SEO campaigns for our London clients, ensuring that the work gets done and client results are achieved.

Anthony doesn’t like talking big fluff words to anyone, or confusing SEO jargon, he gets the job done with results and no time wasting. Anthony barely does anything but SEO, there is nothing bigger in life than SEO, there isn’t a world without SEO, SEO is all that matters.

When Anthony isn’t optimising your Google My Business listing he’s following Aussie Rules football, buffing up his crypto knowledge, patronising local businesses and daydreaming about retiring on a beach where he can work wood and watch sports all day. 

Lorcan Fearon 

Lorcan joined the StudioHawk London team in September 2020, having worked at a digital marketing agency in Nottingham for two years prior. With a degree in History & English from Loughborough University, Lorcan has years of experience working in an agency setting, with residual experience of other digital marketing disciplines such as UX Design, Copywriting and Content.

Having made the transition from an all-in-one marketing agency to an SEO specialist agency, Lorcan is keen to keep bolstering his SEO knowledge with International SEO earmarked as a specialism.

When Lorcan isn’t spotting SEO opportunities on your website, you can find him riding his bike in the Kent countryside or fiddling with synthesizers and assorted analogue music machines at home. 

Caitlin Hathaway

Completing the set of StudioHawk London’s team is Caitlin Hathaway, a passionate search marketer who is focused on mastering the world of Technical SEO amongst other disciplines of search engine optimisation.

After obtaining a degree in Business Management & Marketing in Nottingham, she started out as a sales rep selling SEO software. Shortly after being introduced to the world of SEO, she knew she wanted to become an SEO Specialist herself to help small businesses, and knew an agency environment would be the right place for her. She has adapted to life on the front lines of the search results with ease, growing her SEO knowledge every day. 

When Caitlin isn’t conducting reams of keyword research, you can find her enjoying long walks or shredding on her skateboard. 

This small team has big dreams, and we’re all really excited to be on this journey together. Building on the foundations that has seen our parent company become so successful, we are here to offer the UK & European market an SEO option that is centred around transparency, trust and honesty and imbued with energy, passion and hard work. 

There’s no secret sauce, there are no underhand tactics, we simply work hard to provide long term growth with SEO – and we get the results to show for it. There’s no lock-in contracts and no funny business.

Simply enquire with us today and we can conduct an audit on your site to determine a framework for a potential SEO campaign.