SEO Specialist

Joshua Poole

I am a search engine specialist working for StudioHawk, Melbourne. Graduating from RMIT with a bachelor’s in marketing and with a major focus on traditional marketing. I didn’t expect to fall into digital marketing and I haven’t looked back since.

As I started dabbling into SEO, I knew this was it for me. The areas of SEO that I most enjoy are designing the ultimate Website Structure, Technical SEO, Data Analytics and an area I like to call Intrinsic SEO.

Intrinsic SEO is about fixing weird & highly technical issues by investigating the problem and working out the best solution which is tailored to the exact website’s needs. Finding the missing link to the puzzle and applying the best-tailored solution is always the most entertaining part of SEO – especially when you see the results come through and the return on investment for the client!

What I feel with SEO is it’s the centrepiece of all digital marketing areas. It connects all the dots together from the website platform to social media ads, EDM and more. It’s the hub for everything digital. And honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing SEO with anyone else other than the team at StudioHawk! We are like an SEO family over here.

Outside of my SEO hours, I enjoy incredible food, cooking, being out in nature (as I grew up in country Victoria) and connecting with friends. If anyone recommends me a new restaurant to try or a beautiful place to visit, I am all for it!

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Email: [email protected]

Josh Poole