Senior SEO Specialist

Jillian Reid

As one of the first hires of StudioHawk Jill has developed from an eager to learn junior into one of the respected Seniors of the company. 

Jill’s StudioHawk adventure started when Harry put the call out on /r/melbourne of all places, looking for people wanting a new career in a new industry. We always want hungry, driven people. Jill responded with her phone number, and after a quick 10 minute phone chat StudioHawk was sold! 

Her passion for people has led StudioHawk into a strong future, Jill leads our SEO training program and empowered the next generation of Hawks in discovering new strategies and areas of expertise. Creating processes, training documents, workshops, and finding opportunities to see people rise in their career as a specialist. Investigating new methods of training, keeping the learning experience diverse and fresh for everyone. Without this we would have not grown to be the largest dedicated agency in Australia.

She has managed to achieve all of this while also battling an addiction to Lush but the office does smell incredible, and everyone crowds eagerly to see what she’s got when her weekly Lush order comes in. On the weekends Jill’s often glued to some television series, snacking on popcorn and maltesers, or if she has to leave the house she will venture out for some spicy Ramen!