Practice Manager

Jaime-Lee Price

Jaime-Lee recently joined the StudioHawk team as the Practice Manager. A great addition to the team, Jaime-Lee enjoys working in a dynamic environment where no two days are the same. 

Her job is to oversee the office operations as well as organise events and assist with our social media. With 5+ years in administration and customer service, Jaime-Lee brings with her a wealth of knowledge, helping her to specialise in delivering excellent customer experiences and ensuring the office runs like clockwork. 

Jaime-Lee plays an integral part in the company, as one of the few non-SEO specialists (though she is learning!) to ensure allocation of workload, onboarding, and making sure we are going the extra mile for our clients.

Outside of the office she enjoys spending time at the beach, trying to learn Spanish, watching her beloved football team win (GO TIGES!) and travel.