SEO Specialist

Isobel Tenison-Collins

Hailing from Shrewsbury, Isobel went on to study Natural Sciences at the University of Bath, specialising in Biochemistry. Achieving first-class honours, she also undertook a year working in a research laboratory at the University of Sydney and during this time, developed a love for analysing and presenting data. This naturally led to an interest in SEO as she is interested in combining data analysis with creativity to overcome challenges and initiate great strategies. Since graduating, Isobel has worked in hospitality, customer service and healthcare and is looking forward to continuing working with a variety of businesses to grow their online presence. Isobel is excited to be joining StudioHawk London as a Junior SEO Specialist and receive the best possible training from award-winning experts.

On working at StudioHawk:
“Since starting at StudioHawk, I’ve been really impressed by the culture and opportunities to learn and develop new skills. I’m so grateful to be able to join the London team at such an exciting part of its growth and can’t wait to see what the future holds”

When Isobel isn’t pouring through Google Analytics and leveraging data for our clients, you can find her behind a sewing machine as she teaches herself to sew her own wardrobe. She loves the process of making a new garment and getting to say “Thanks! I made it!”. 

Isobel has made a fantastic start here at StudioHawk, showing acute attention to detail and producing fantastic work from the jump. She is a huge asset to this team and we can’t wait to see her grow in this role.

Isobel TC - SEO Specialist