SEO Specialist

Giulia Buro

Originally from Italy (with love), Giulia relocated to London in 2016 to study Criminology. After earning a first-class degree, Giulia’s passion for languages led her to pursue an MA in Specialised Translation, sparking her interest in copywriting, localisation, and eventually SEO. With a varied level of fluency in multiple languages, she is a great asset for international SEO.

Alongside a keen eye for editing and proofreading content, throughout her IT career as business consultant, Giulia has studied UX design and front-end development to expand her knowledge to deliver systems or websites that are efficient and user-friendly. She definitely has all it takes to succeed in technical SEO too.

On working at StudioHawk:
“I’ve had my eye on StudioHawk since 2020. I’m proud to be finally part of a company that prioritises both client satisfaction and employee growth. The learning opportunities are limitless, and the support is unmatched. I’m excited to elevate my skills from being a ‘jack of all trades’ to an SEO Master.”

When she’s not optimising websites, Giulia enjoys “optmising” her physique at the gym or exploring new destinations with her passport in hand. In her rare moments of stillness, you’ll find her learning a new language or recreating intricate flower drawings.

Knows About: UX Design, Localisation and Front-end Development

Giulia Buro headshot