SEO Specialist

Chloe Chiang

Chloe is a SEO Specialist at StudioHawk. Her role mainly involves mapping out potential campaigns for businesses looking for SEO strategies, this process mainly consists of identifying best practise SEO optimisation methods for potential clients and consolidating this into Proposal formats. These areas include prioritising the three pillars of SEO for potential clients to look further into their onsite health, by conducting site audits for the structure and technical ability, asses the content of the site by manually going through the main pages of the site and identifying the target keywords as well as auditing backlink profiles which includes looking into referring domains, the consistency, health and domain authority which can all leverage the visibility of the site. 

Chloe also works closely with Account Managers to look further into trends and on-page SEO elements for our clients. Google Trends is an insightful tool which can have a great influence on not only the ever-changing trends of a site but can also influence the change of businesses. It is highly important to keep on track and on-trend with what users are searching for and what moves your competitors are taking.

Chloe is constantly learning more about Offsite SEO, especially backlink building, as well as how SEO affects organic search traffic. 

When she’s not working, you’ll probably find Chloe going on adventures with her dog, exploring, cooking up a storm, or taking pictures of cool things.