SEO Specialist

Alex Duncan

Alex is one of the newest members to join the StudioHawk team as a SEO Specialist. While eagerly taking on this new role he is also completing his major in marketing, at RMIT University. 

Born and raised in Cairns, far North Queensland, he considers himself a fair dinkum’ Aussie guy who loves sport, a bit of banter and catching up with his mates. Moving to Melbourne a few years ago his eyes  were opened to the world of marketing and the number of opportunities within the digital marketing space, but it was the importance SEO that can play in growing a business that caught his attention. His passion for SEO was born from a quick discussion with his Digital Marketing teacher, touching on the complex, unique and specialist skill set of SEO Alex knew he wanted to learn more. 

As an SEO Specialist, he aims to help businesses improve their visibility on Google to ultimately reach that coveted first page. He does this by using his particular interest in international SEO, data analytics and uncovering the next big thing in SEO.  With a background in retail and hospitality, Alex brings exceptional customer service and communication skills to the role as well as an ability to think on his feet and create unique campaigns tailored to the client. In his spare time, he listens to a variety of music, from alternate to rap or hardcore, while smashing out a League of Legends session with an extravagant home cooked meal to keep him going. 

Since joining the team, Alex’s ambition to learn, be flexible and help the team where necessary has gained attention from not only his peers but also higher management. Alex has what it takes to be an incredible account manager and we look forward to everything we will bring to this role.

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