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Technical SEO is ‘snow’ joke!

SnowsBest is an example of a website unawarely making a decision that compromised their business. We were able to turn a dire situation (based on a mistake) into an absolute win by eliminating certain issues. Our SEO specialists also added immense value into the client’s blog and it just goes to show how powerful our work truly is.

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Increase in predicted users for year on year

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Increase in organic visits in just three months

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3 Days

To reverse the manual action from Google

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Keyword Ranking Increase

Increase in keywords ranked in just 3 months

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SnowsBest was on the wrong slope

After a bad experience with an SEO agency in the USA, the client was eager to get to the bottom of why her traffic had dropped. StudioHawk SEO specialists worked hard in the first month to:

  • Find the biggest culprits, including addressing a manual action by Google
  • Kick start an on-site recovery plan to address internal and external errors
  • Begin backlink outreach and link acquisition
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Challenges & Objectives

Snowed in by a technical SEO flaw

Our main objectives here were to reverse manual action on SnowsBest and increase organic traffic consistently by 30% in 2019, compared to year on year. It was a unique situation where a poorly implemented schema markup a few years earlier caused Google to place a manual action against SnowsBest. We had to reverse it to help recover traffic for this high performing travel blog.

On top of this were a range of on-site issues that had to be fixed as part of the campaign. Even after the manual action was rectified, we worked hard with the client to get things moving. And all that hard work paid off – we even helped the client reach her own goal to ski the slopes of the world!


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I honestly cannot thank you guys enough, having our traffic completely fall off the face of the earth was a terrifying experience and I would never have known what to do without Lawrence!

You have been such a delight to work with, and even during the short time working together (so far) we have seen MASSIVE results, and I have more metrics than ever to show advertisers which ultimately means more revenue for the business.

I am just so glad to have found an SEO agency that isn’t full of crap!!

Rachael - SnowsBest