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The SEO agency that saved Officeworks’ organic traffic

Officeworks is one of Australia’s leading retailers. When we signed on to help with their website’s SEO, our expertise helped them avoid a major mistake. But despite that huge (and unanticipated) hurdle at the beginning, we managed to far exceed our original objectives for Officeworks, achieving outcomes well beyond our wildest expectations.

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Increased Organic Traffic

Massive increase in organic traffic, year on year

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Internal Team Collaboration

Trusted by executive staff to collaborate with internal teams

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Strategy & Implementation Training

Educated internal digital teams in SEO strategy and implementation

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Agency of Choice

Studiohawk continue to be Officeworks’ SEO agency of choice

SEO Services


Enterprise SEO at its finest

Our typical SEO campaigns are for small businesses, so to scale up our efforts to the enterprise level was both a challenge and its own reward. We had to take fast, direct action to ensure results, so we focused on:

  • Assisted in formatting React to make it SEO-friendly so that the Javascript was pre-rendered and there were no manual actions made after launch
  • Fleshed out the buying and brand guides to be strong, authoritative content pieces
  • Created frameworks and templates for Officeworks to roll out
  • Suggestion and help with implementing Zip and Afterpay

Challenges & Objectives


Our goals from the get-go were to:

  • Deliver an 8% increase in Officeworks’ organic revenue within 12 months (which we smashed and hit 29%)
  • Educate and train Officeworks’ digital department to restructure their online content with SEO in mind
  • Demonstrate the importance of SEO to Officeworks’ executive staff

Our first challenge came a few days after we started with the team: they were transitioning all their pages and storefront to ReactJS, and the change was going live in one week. Cue panic. We had to act fast and with the support of the eCommerce team, we pushed back the React launch a few months. We then had time to work with IT to smooth out the transition to avoid traffic tanking.

We made the right call. Not only did traffic start to increase, we had internal buy-in for the work we were accomplishing. Our expertise and ability to see the bigger picture (and not take shortcuts) saved Officeworks a headache down the track.


I honestly can’t put into words how awesome the experience has been working with StudioHawk. I would honestly take a bullet for them at this point with the work they have done with the team, and I feel like they have earned it for all the bullets they have helped us dodge.

Over the duration of working with Harry & StudioHawk I can say that we have become friends, which is amazing to have in your corner. They are so on top of everything, and I am equally impressed by how much our head of eComm and even the head of paid love them.

The results you have managed to achieve have been way outside of anyone’s wildest dreams, and I can’t think of an agency that I have ever worked with in my career that deserves success more than you guys.

Madhu Malhotra - Head of SEO at Officeworks