7 Reasons why a web page is better than a Facebook Page

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Facebook isn’t really designed very well for people to discover your product, unless you’re paying for ads. Independently run web sites can be custom-tailored to your business, meaning (if done properly) they can show off the strengths of your product, whereas Facebook is mainly for socialising with your customer base.

Having said that, this is not an either-or scenario. You don’t need to get rid of the Facebook page to have a web site – in fact, we’d encourage you to keep the page open, because it’ll be useful regardless of whether you have a site or not. A web site compliments that, and is another piece of your branding’s puzzle, which is our job to put together.


Here are 7 reasons why a web page is better than just a Facebook page

1. It’s optimized for social discussion, not pitching a product.

– Facebook is great at doing what it does, which is socialising with people and building relations with your consumers. What it is not great for however, is selling your product. The reason for this is simply because Facebook is not designed to be able to do that. Having your own webpage allows you to show your product however you like and allows you to do so in a professional environment.

2. People can ruin it by posting rude comments.

– People on your Facebook page can write whatever they like and without strict 24/7 moderation can ruin your page with inappropriate comments and swearing. What a professional website allows you to do is pitch your product and discussions in a safe environment, free of harassment.


3. Your posts show up on the news feed of your subscribers (who all know you), and only very rarely on the news feeds of non-followers.

– The main people that your page shows up to, are the people that already know you. What this means is that people whom have never heard of your product before are extremely  unlikely to find out about it through Facebook. It is much more likely that they will discover your product through search engines (i.e. Google) and see your actual website.

4. Independently run web sites can be custom-tailored to your business, meaning (if done properly) they can show off the strengths of your business, whereas Facebook is mainly for socializing with your customer base.

– A Facebook page is very limited in what can be done, it can be hard for consumers to find out more information about your product, who to call, where you are located, etc. Where as on a webpage, you can easily have navigational sections that allow your consumers to immediately know what your company does, and allow them to easily find out more information and order from you.

5. It’s much more professional, and shows only your product, not Facebook’s branding.

–  It’s very nice to be able to have your own website where you don’t have to worry about Facebook being able to shut you down or change the way your business’s page works at any time they wish. With your own website YOU are in charge and can be sure that nothing will go wrong.

6.  For artists or photographers, Facebook can use any art posted, with or without permission.

– In Facebooks terms and conditions, it states that anything you put up on that facebook page is now available for Facebook and any authorised parties that Facebook affiliates themselves with to use. What this means is that Facebook can use any photo’s or art however or wherever they want without asking for permission from you.

7. Email Address

– With a website, you can get your own custom email address at the domain that you registered (For example, [email protected]). Not only does make you look more professional it also makes it much easier to manage your emails.